Do you have a favourite crochet technique?

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Tweed stitch


First I wanted to know what the word technique actually means

  • The practical aspects of a given art, occupation etc.; formal requirements.
  • Practical ability in some given field or practice, often as opposed to creativity or imaginative skill.
  • a method of achieving something or carrying something out, especially one requiring some skill or knowledge.

 So when someone asks about my favourite technique I think we are asking about, the second or third of these – practical ability and knowledge.

Is a technique a stitch, or combination of stitches?  Is it when you use a different tool to crochet?

I think that techniques are using what you need for a given project.

So I think about other questions like:  how to get drape for this project?  Do I want texture?  Do I want stretch or should it be rigid?  Do I need to change my hook size?


I also think favourites change over time – when I was making my shawls for the crochet along and then shawl book I loved using bobbles, (I still do!) in Praze-an-beeble shawl have a bobble edging, in Skewjack a bobble sections, and in Bladerwrack a graduated bobble fringe!  However, I also have ripples in two of the shawls and the final shawl has a stitch that I absolutely love – tweed stitch (sometimes called linen or moss stitch) and I have re-used I have used tweed stitch in my own designs recently – the Catdigan, the advent shawl and Kaywinnet cardi – for two reasons. I like the stretch in the fabric and  I think that it doesn’t necessarily look like what people expect crochet to look like – and I love playing with people’s perception of crochet! 

I know I would love to have more time to just play with different techniques – I love creating with Tunisian crochet, and I think it has a huge amount of potential, using different stitches, experimenting with yarn overs, and different return passes, use of colour – gosh I get excited all over again when I think of the possibilities!

Some of the techniques I know and teach are

Popular – broomstick, Tunisian, amigurumi, C2C, tapestry, mosaic, freeform,

More unusual – hairpin, filet, thread, cables,

Of course there are the techniques or stitches within each of these.  In amigurumi, the invisible decrease is brilliant, in filet I use an extended treble stitch to create square squares!  And in conventional crochet, using a foundation double or foundation treble crochet to start is soo much stretchier and standing stitches are great when changing colours.

I couldn’t leave this without my absolute gamechanger - more a tip than technique - was when I learned to do a standing treble crochet weaving that first end in as I go.  I have a video post on my Instagram and facebook showing you this technique!  It can halve the sewing in of ends when you are changing colour a lot in crochet with holes – like granny squares!

What is your favourite technique?  Or is there a technique you would like to learn?

Let me know in the comments…

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